Saturday, June 11, 2016

Eagle Rock 4H Mounds (GA)

Mound Report: The following chapters are excerpts from a larger report titled: “Archeological and Historical Investigations for the Proposed Rock Hawk Trail Corridor Adjoining Lawrence Shoals Park and Little Rock Eagle Mound in Putnam County, Georgia” written by Jerald Ledbetter:


pwax said...

There are a lot of similarities between rock piles from Canada, Georgia, and New England. Some are larger than others and local styles prevail.

Sydney B said...

Terry Deveau lives in Nova Scotia and is the current NEARA president.

pwax said...

Favorite quote from chapter 2:
"It was then decided to dismantle the entire body of the effigy. It was possible to rent a conveyor belt from a construction company and this made it possible to proceed more rapidly. It is strongly recommended that in the interest of efficiency, economy and morale such a belt be utilized in dismantling large rock mounds."

The present day shape of Eagle Rock Mound, in Georgia, is in doubt after reading these chapters.

Tommy Hudson said...

Rock Eagle and Rock Hawk (they may actually be turkey effigies) are both located on large quartz outcrops and are completely composed of quartz stones. Such quartz outcrops are unusual for the area. Sites like this are usually located 100 miles or so further north. See my comments on the "Speaking of walls and rock piles" post, dated July 24, 2016.