Monday, October 05, 2015

Pachaug Rock Shelter - Ted Timreck video

Via Norman Muller:
[Keep watching till the end, it gets surprising.]

Update: let me call attention to an article by Jim P. about the "Pachaug Hoax". 

Back to Conscience Hill

All the available woods around Millstone Hill (the MIT observatory in Westford/Groton) have rock piles. I doubt I recorded all the nearby places I found, or others found. The sites along Davis Rd (actually in Tyngsborough) are extensive, recent, and somewhat unique.

I never published any of the sites with a map, so there it is. I went back to Conscience Hill (which is just off the lower edge of the map, shown in pencil) because I wanted to poke around in a woods where I could easily hope to see something new - and I really wanted to get in behind the houses in the piece of woods between Davis and Ingalls. I parked south of Conscience Hill and got into the woods, went north, snuck across Ingalls Rd. and spent a pleasant time heading north  and then southwest where I hoped to (and did) pop out behind the major site in there. I actually got caught trespassing, but it was ok. Sure enough those woods are full of little sites and the main one just keeps on going uphill (as indicated by faint pencil marks). Like a few sites I mentioned recently, these piles went along with short stretches of stone wall. Shall we look at some pictures?
Just northeast of Conscience Hill is a small site on a low rise. Here the owl presiding over the piles is more interesting than the piles themselves - which were indistinct, buried, ground piles. See the owl?
Then up in there, I think north of Ingalls, was a site made of mostly single rock-on-rock. Like this:
 [Note that the upper rock, above, is deliberately broken into a symmetric shape.]

 All of these upper rocks looked deliberately shaped.
Here is a little something on the ground. The middle rock has a bit of fire staining.
Then, right up at the north end of the piece of woods east of Davis Rd, right up behind the houses, were some more rock-on-rocks and some senses of alignment:
It was not just rock piles in line. Here are some larger boulders in a line.
And now, working our way towards Davis Rd, we start to see more substantial piles.

Here is the short stretch of wall I mentioned, a couple hundred yards uphill from Davis Rd:
Note the little "enclosure" at the near end. 

In the next, note the parallel flat vertical surfaces:
Or is it a "gap" pile with a hint of a pathway designed to go between the two pieces of pile? How about this one:
I wonder if there are not two pathways, one between and one below. From a few feet away:
Then if that is not a pathway, this sure better be one:
Side views of the two sides of this "path": 

It does not get better than that. 

Friday, October 02, 2015

Dr. Lucianne Lavin in New Preston CT

(I am hoping to get there early and look at some of the stone walls that surround the venue:)

Barred Owl

I'll show you the rock piles below, later.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A visit to Upton State Forest

Judging from the terrain, 'A' was an old orchard. I found a line of rock-on-rock there, parallel with the topo line.
At 'W' was an old well [I know the State Forest people are interested in these locations]:
At 'B' was a hole that perhaps I mistook for a bulldozer test pit. Nearby was what looked like a genuinely old rock pile:
Here is the hole that may have confused me:
What made me re-think the whole thing was this, a few feet downhill:

And a decrepit, short stretch of stone wall:
Update: I am going to post another site soon that also has a short stretch of wall with a combination of rock pile types. I am starting to "get it" that a typical site always has a calendrical component, while being specific in its particulars. So short stretches of wall are very characteristic, almost by default. Whether it be burial-, astronomical-, or spirit quest- related, in all cases it will be a bit astronomical. The exceptions would be: when it is an individual ceremony- near an energy source or as a donation. 

Monday, September 28, 2015

Friday, September 25, 2015

Curious rock with scratches on it (or "Tally Stone")

From Concord.
The flat smoothed out part, to the right in the above, looks like it had been ground.
The scratches seem artificial.

Curt Hoffman sent this picture of a scratched rock from from the "Little League" site:

Thursday, September 24, 2015

On the Edge of a Wonderland (Westbrook CT)

Another place I've passed by so many times,
I finally stopped just a minute,
To take a picture  or two as the sun was setting
On my way home from my Mom and Dad's house,
Headed north up Horse Hill Road in Westbrook CT...