Friday, December 08, 2017

A reader question about Gungywump

[If anyone has the answer, let me know or leave a comment, and I will forward the answer.]

Do you know if the “local” nature center that Ted Hendrikson writes off still offers any guided walks?

I had tried to reach Vance Tiede via email as well through this name of his “business” but had no luck    :  (

Thank you in advance for any info you can provide.

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

NEARA and Sudbury Valley Trustees Fieldtrips - from Peter Anick

[Non NEARA members should consider going along and contacting the MA coordinator]

Given the latest weather report, we'll have to postpone our planned trip to Shutesbury/Montague.  My current thinking is to wait till late February/early March, which will also give us a few more hours of sunlight.  Lots to see in that area. [check weather also on Dec 21]

Dec 17
Last year after a drought, a pond in Westford revealed an odd circular stone construction.  It looks like the pond should soon be dry enough to allow a visit, so we’re going to try on Sunday, Dec. 17.  The discoverer of the site will be on hand to discuss what the Indians and archaeologists who visited thought of it and then we’ll head over to the Westford Museum afterwards to see a video of the Indian account.  (There’s also a display there on the Westford Knight which you can check out.)    

The pond portion will involve about a ten minute walk over what may be a muddy trail, so plan on bringing boots.  If you would like to join us for the afternoon, please send a reply to this email and include your name and email in the text.  Details will be sent to participants early that week.  If the weather turns wet, we may have to postpone.

Dec 21
Neara member George Krusen will be hosting a solstice sunrise alignment viewing at a site in Boxboro on Dec. 21.  This event is sponsored by the Sudbury Valley Trustees, who manage the property.  I have been to this event several times over the years and have always enjoyed it, especially if the sky is clear.

Description: View the winter solstice sunrise through the stone structures at Half Moon Meadow Brook, and hear the legends of their origins from leader George Krusen. The sunlight bores through the stones for a magnificent viewing.

Friday, December 01, 2017

Photos from NEARA Fall Conference in Warwick RI

[I do not have a link.]

[There is one photo of a stone wall ending in a small circle. I have seen this pattern in many places but never so clearly.]