Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Exploring a Valley in Harvard, MA (part 2)

Here again is the map. Let's start looking at the larger site on the hillside:What seems to be a steep slope actually has a shoulder with springs - water coming out all along the side of the hill. There were also continuous rock piles, highlighting the blessing of the water as well as the view outwards to the east. Some of the piles were clustered in small self-contained groups; others seemed part of a larger organization. Here is the largest rock pile:
If you watch the video, you'll see a number of things in the background. Let's take a closer look at one of the rock-on-rocks. You can see the large pile in this picture's background:Even closer:That black vein must be part of the setup: ritualized use of unique rocks, large and small rock piles, unusual springs on the side of a hill. This is almost certainly a Native American ceremonial location. It is not more than fifty yards from a house.

Let's have one more look at that big pile:
Harvard never disappoints.


Norman said...

What is that material in the black vein? It looks like tar, but of course it must be a mineral of some sort.

pwax said...

I'ld love to know. I was a black crystalline material that I am not familiar with.

Norman said...

Black tourmaline? Maybe get a small piece of it and show it to a minerologist.

pwax said...

Or bring a minerologist to it, if I knew where to find one.

JimP said...

Smoky quartz? I know it can be that black, but does it exist that dark in Massachusetts?

Norman said...

Send me a little chip. I'll have it analyzed here.