Friday, April 17, 2015

North Street Upton along Warren Brook - on the way to a walk

Driving along, I see woods and think: "I would be surprised if there were no rock piles right in there behind the saplings." On North Street, everywhere you have that impulse, it is correct. Not sure of the exact locations, the red outlines are approximate positions of several different sites I saw along there, all with features quite similar to Miscoe Brook and other sites from further up the road.
Taking a quick look behind the saplings at the southernmost location, along Warren Brook:

 Note the hint of rectangular:

A bit up the road:

 Some quartz:
A larger quartz boulder in a broken down linear structure:

 view southeast back towards the road
view north with brook to the left:

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pwax said...

Given the successes along brooks in this area, those two in the upper middle of the picture look like good places to explore