Saturday, March 26, 2016

A good "spot" - roadside attraction in Acton

On my way to park off Briar Hill Rd at the edge of the Nashoba Conservation Land in Acton, I was on Davis Rd and spotted something in the woods to the west of the road:
Got out to take a look and - sho 'nuff: a rectangular mound:
There is a hollow:

This is about where the cross hair is on each of these map fragments:
This is a significant find. The third such mound in this part of the Nashoba Brook Valley. Others are on Strawberry Hill and across the brook, south of the extension of Strawberry Hill Rd. You can see from the topo map that this location is at a high point of water, above the brook.
More specifically, there is another larger site in there:


Curtiss Hoffman said...

Peter -
It appears that this is a site you have visited before, since it is in the site inventory you gave me some years ago. But that information did not include the rectangular mound you have now identified there.

pwax said...

That mound is in a different place. If my previous survey had a site there, it was off by a quarter of an inch. I'll add another map.