Saturday, February 18, 2017

Fascinating statistic: America has orders of magnitude more languages than Europe/Asia/Africa

[Not rock pile related]. Here they write:
The diversity of languages in the Americas is like no other continent of the world, with eight times more "isolates" than any other continent. Isolates are "languages that have no demonstrable connection to any other language with which it can be classified into a family," Sicoli said. There are 26 isolates in North America and 55 in South America, mostly strung across the western edge of the continents, compared to just one in Europe, eight in Africa and nine in Asia.
As usual the scientist's preconceptions blind them a bit. They suppose all those languages arose outside America (in Beringia for example) and migrated here. It would seem more likely that language has simply been in America much longer than those other parts of the world - in other words that modern language facility arose in America, then dispersed to Africa, Asia, and Europe. Yet they are still repeating the Bering Straight hypothesis and focusing on Alaskan languages.

I know I am exaggerating but extreme nonsense from the direction of "science" demands extreme nonsense in response.

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