Tuesday, June 27, 2017

"Stylus Stone" from Hillman Mn

Reader Brian T writes:
... While investigating the rock cairn I found The "inscribed" rock on, I found a small fashioned tool  ( I call it a "Stylus Stone" ) .  Since then I have spent time researching trying to find a like item.  I was excited to find an almost exact copy 3700 miles away  in Yarmouth, submitted to the U.K Museum of Natural History for identification.       ( visit link below )  The first five pictures are the of the "Stylus Stone."

[Anyone want to guess what that is for? - PWAX]


pwax said...

It looks artificial, man made, but I cannot imagine what something like that is used for.

Brian T said...

The tip has been "honed" from different directions (engraving in soft mediums), and the other edges are 90 degrees. The Middle is concaved, Spoon like. For grabbing or holding liquid?

...The last picture is the base of fashioned "toothlike" Tool, very dense about 5 inches long. Don't know if it is fossilized bone, tooth or worked rock.