Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Could this be a turtle?

Reader RC asks.

He writes:
I found your site when searching for information on prehistoric rock Cairns after reading a local history book that my wife gave me for Christmas.  I remembered having this stack of stones on my property.  I cut away some willows today and this is what I found. Interesting in that there are other stones on the ground around it and remnants of a stone wall about 25 feet away.  I would be curious what you think.  I am located in Otsego County, New York State. 


Tommy Hudson said...

Why build a stacked stone retaining wall around the edge of the boulder to keep the larger pile of soil and stone mixture in place? If this were a historic construction, why do that? Who cares about maintaining the integrity of a dump pile? The moss growing on both the bedrock boulder and the stone retaining wall seems to indicate the construction is relatively undisturbed, at least recently so. Are there stone constructions, low walls, pavements in the area? Where is the nearest water? This is one of those sites that would be great to see in person and get a feel for the place, the lay of the land, etc. I hope someone up that way can check it out.

Norman said...

What is left of stonework on the outcrop is disheveled and hard to make out from the photos, and I would not conclude that what's left represents a turtle without looking at the entire formation closely.

Curt Hoffman said...

I am compiling an inventory of stone structures throughout the eastern seaboard of the U.S. and Canada. Much of this information will be published in a book coming out at the end of February, but I am interested in collecting more. Would you be willing to send me locational information about it? It's possible I already have it listed, as I have 12 sites in Otsego County.