Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Broken point from Woods Hole MA

Found on the "hole" side of Devil's Foot.
It is missing its tip. Not beautiful but interesting. It is called a "small-stemmed" point but I don't know the type.
It is pretty thick to be a projectile and what would a spearpoint be good for on a small island?
The break, perpendicular to the axis of the point, does suggest it broke tip first.
Is this a typical MA arrowhead style? Wading River?


Chris Pittman said...

Awesome find! I love the serrations on one side. I would probably call this a knife although I imagine in the time that this was made, people could have been hunting seals or other marine mammals with spears or darts. It must have been fun to spot this in the context in which it was found.

pwax said...

It was not water-worn, suggesting it eroded from the island rather than coming ashore there.


Peter -
This style is known by several different names: Bare Island, Merrimack, or Small Stem #1. Its time range is from around 6500 - 4000 B.P.