Monday, January 13, 2020

A little "Valley of Kings" - new rock piles, where I already looked many times

I took a stroll through parts of Woods Hole to show rock piles to a friend, and ended up finding new piles in more than one place - just for the price of looking again and being a few yards away from where I had been previously. It just goes to show how easy it is to miss these things.
 Boy that's hard to see!
From the side, you can detect a familiar shape - a broad horseshoe with its back against the hill (to the right). Ten yards away, at the top of the slope, is a pavement and a small collection of marker piles.
That makes three different mounds in the same half acre valley. A miniature valley of the kings.

I suppose the pavement at the top is the same age as this new leaf-covered mound. It shows you how differences in topography can affect the appearance and weathering of a pile. As for the mounds being hard to see, I only saw the third one that one time. It is not worth braving the bull-briar to find it again.

To finish the story, the above site is behind the fire station, north of the main road a few steps. Driving through the parking lot behind the Woods Hole Oceanographic's Quissett Campus, here was another new pile. Again, for the price of driving through a different parking lot:

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