Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What to do about old image files?

I am making room on my hard-drive by emptying a 10 gigabyte "temp" folder full of old pictures and videos of rock piles. The CDs I am using for backup will not work for more than a couple of years.
Any suggestions about what to do with these old pics?


Geophile said...

We bought an external hard drive and we store old pictures and files, including music we aren't using but may want in the future, on it. I think it's 80 gigs but you can get a variety of sizes.

JimP said...

If you really want to hold onto those files, I suggest backing them up in multiple places -- an external hard drive AND CD's. If you store the CD's properly they will last -- and then just create new back-up CD's every two years or so.