Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A large cairn found by Larry Harrop and Bob Miner

Larry writes:

Bob Miner and I saw this yesterday while hiking the Pachaug State Forest in North Stonington, CT. The site consists of a very unusual stone wall leading to a large cairn built on the side of a large boulder. We thought that you and your readers would be interested in seeing this.

Image #1 shows an unusual stone wall coming down from the top of an outcrop.
Image 2 shows the same wall taken from the top looking down on the cairn,
Image 3. Close-up of the cairn.
This picture ( image 4) shows Bob Miner pointing his meter stick towards a large quarz rock.
Image 5 shows the boulder on the right side of the cairn.


pwax said...

The more I look at those hollows on the side of the cairn the more they seem to be deliberate architectural features of the structure. Do you agree? If so, what are they? Therein lies the answer to many questions.

JimP said...

North Stonington is what past historians have called one of the last, "wild," places in Southern New England. Indians dwelled there well into historic times living traditional lives, yet surviving on the fringes of colonial society. We know a little bit about what they were doing and how they were living from diaries of the English colonists that interacted with them. Most were stone masons.

Tim MacSweeney said...

Instead of a boulder (or outcrop) for a head stone, smaller stones are stacked to resemble the scales of a snake, the shadow (niche) the serpent's eye, the slightly larger flat stone the super ocular...maybe the eye stone is missing (a big white stone?). I think they caught the light just right, up close or from a distance.