Friday, July 27, 2012

Are there rock piles with hollows on Cape Cod?

The composition of sites is different down here in Falmouth, MA. Certainly there is nothing like the large rectangular "Wachusett Tradition" mounds but I speculate that a small rectangular pile with a hollow was an early form of the tradition. This is as close as I get to seeing something like that on Cape Cod (this is BB woods):There is a slight rectangular form and a sense of a denser concentration of component rocks to one side.


Dennis said...

Stones are low and sunken....I have seen those a few times, and often wondered the age of the pile(s).

pwax said...

I agree some of these look old and probably ARE old.

pwax said...

For reference, I thought I saw another candidate in the woods near Twin Pond Rd on the Highfield side. Did not photo it (foolish me) cuz it was too messy to qualify even as a rockpile. But who knows?