Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Other Hopkinton Odds and Ends

I took several short walks over in Hopkinton, as there were several likely looking spots.Here are some pictures. Mushrooms (just for color):
Other things you expect to see on a walk. A couple of split wedged rocks:
 A rock-on-rock in the distance:
This was the first look I got of the site near Bald Hill I wrote about yesterday .
 The nicest pile from that site near Bald Hill:
For reference, here is a view back to that "nicest pile", showing a low structured in the foreground. A bit east, across a stone wall on the way towards Bald Hill, there is another of these stone piles - so smeared as to be practically invisible. But before moving on from the subject of the "nicest pile", it is frequent that the most visible smaller piles appear near a larger, low, rectangular mound with a hollow. I have come to view this low mound as the  central feature and the nicer piles around it as satellites contributing to the overall function of the site. In that framework, this low mound here may be a substitute for the rectangular mound; and the "nicest pile" may be thought of as its satellite. What I mean is: this really is a common site structure. Here it is again in Hopkinton. I urge readers with to keep an eye out for this form of site arrangement.
Moving on, here is that other example across the wall:
So you climb eastward, up Bald Hill, over the outcrop and into another minimal site. I saw one rock pile:
(the picture is looking back towards the outctop).  And a small standing stone out along the outcrop.

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