Thursday, April 14, 2016

Carl Bjork

It is not important that we agree.
It is important that we talk.

Note the alignment of the glyph on the rock and the sight hole on the cairn.

  I just recently “re-connected” with Carl, I am happy to say. I even corrected a dead link to his pages at the Waking Up On Turtle Island blog: Carl Bjork's Rock Art Site

     A bit of wisdom, passed on to Carl by a Native American Elder: "The location of the site was selected first and the rock-art came later. Turn your back to the symbols and you will see why the location was selected because you are standing at the center of the information depicted in the carvings and paintings.  Watch the play of light and shadow on the symbols.  It is our a time before we started using your alphabets to record our history.   The symbols and figures are a pictorial [ideographic] communication system that was used by most tribal groups and understood by all."
       Something else that comes to mind, mentioned here and there at Rock Piles, is that thing about “the shape of a stone on a rock pile having the same shape as a mountain or hill in the distance.” Carl also notes this phenomena sometimes occurs elsewhere, as he writes, in a section about perceiving possible images and pareidolia: “When we look at a rock art panel and notice that the top of the boulder is in the same shape of the mountain behind on the far horizon, is it a coincidence that it is shaped as the horizon and did the petroglyph carver select the boulder to record to share a message or a history about the rock art site and its relationship to the mountain?”
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pwax said...

For similar piles in MA with holes you can see through: search this blog for "aperture" and (mis-spelled) "aperature".