Friday, April 15, 2016

Keyes and Washburn Brooks - Princeton MA

I followed a smaller unnamed tributary near where Rt 31 and 140 meet and found rock piles in the gully and at the top, both on the way up the smaller branch and on the way down the main brook.
On the way up (southern outline) a few rock piles around a small spot of water:
A bit evenly spaced.
 The water:
Above this grouping on the hill was a wonderful larger rock pile with a pointed "head" rock sticking out prominently.
Front and back:

A view back down to the wet spot:
According to one theory, the pointer rock might be able to throw a shadow over the wet spot as well as on the individual rock piles.

And then we continue...down and over and back to the top of the larger channel (northern blue outline on the map fragment above) where it becomes more and more obvious that the rocks in the bed of the brook are piled up:
Here also are some larger piles:
 Hard to get a good look at.
And smaller ones.

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