Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Arrowhead finds 2016

     I have been spending lots of time looking for arrowheads. I haven't posted most of my 2016 finds because they are not much to show, mostly quartz fragments. There is, however, still some information to be gleaned from these. I have found stone tools and pieces of tools at 7 sites in 2016. Sites 1 and 2 are close to each other and sites 3 through 6 are very close to each other. Here are all my finds from this year from each site, not including items I found this weekend. Some of these finds have already been posted here but most have not.
     Site 1. A broken pink felsite triangle, an argillite triangle, a felsite tool of some kind, broken quartz triangles.
     Site 2. A broken stemmed point made of rhyolite, a broken quartz triangle, a quartz scraper.
     Site 3 is mostly broken quartz stemmed points. The crude quartz item on the bottom row second from right is the only mostly intact artifact, this may have been a knife or preform.
     Site 4. Badly broken quartz fragments.
     Site 5. Broken triangular quartz tools.
     Site 6 is mostly more of the same.
     Site 7 is a small place where I found the base of a stemmed quartz projectile point.
     It rained this weekend. I returned to some spots to see what might have popped up. I had some luck and found a few decent artifacts. Here are items from Site 4. There is a nice triangle here. I would call this a Squibnocket Triangle. I believe most of these quartz artifacts that I find are from the Archaic period.
     I found these yesterday in several hours of careful searching at Site 3. It had just rained and it was overcast and foggy. Perfect conditions. By the end of the day I was covered in mud. There is nothing spectacular here but I didn't leave feeling disappointed. I acknowledge that I am lucky to be able to find anything at all.
     These would have been very nice if they were not broken.
     The best of this weekend's finds for me. The stemmed point second from right is my favorite. It is made of crystal quartz and is very clear and glassy. The material is fantastic. I don't have many like this. It's also thin and nicely made. The stemmed point next to it is crude and chunky.

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pwax said...

Clear crystal quartz is very nice. I do not have any points made of it.