Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Reader Linda writes:

I enjoy your site very much. I've checked in for years. I'm from Massachusetts and I'm happy to say my back hill in Monson is sprinkled with megaliths and covered with many interesting stones. There is one very large megalith with the most interesting features of all, which includes cupmarks, white quartz blocks that circle the stone, and other interesting features.

There are also what appear to be lintels, about half a dozen, one of them a two-tiered lintel - photos attached. I started digging a smaller one out and it does have sides as you'd expect from a cave entrance. And here's a link to many more photos - I'd love to know what you think!


pwax said...

To me, most of these look like natural features.

Curtiss Hoffman said...

I agree. Most of these appear to be banded gneiss, a metamorphic rock common to western Mass., which naturally forms in this way. The rock with cupules might be an exception. Are you able to share the location of this one? I am inventorying stone features throughout the region. The specific site locations are only shared with State and Tribal Historic Preservation Offices.

pwax said...

I finally found one picture that shows what look like 4 drill holes. So it looks like someone did mess with that rock. But I do not believe in most of those "cup marks".

The difference between the drill holes and surrounding natural geology is confusing - with "cups" of all sizes on all surfaces of the rock.

Norman said...

That first figure in the second group, showing a circular geometric design with knobs all around, I found fascinating from a geological perspective. Can any of you explain it? All the other photos look natural.

Linda Goodman said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I'm sorry for the late reply - I just came upon the comments today. I'm struck by the similarities of the stones in New England to those in Great Britain. And I'm a big fan of Dr. Barry Fell's research.