Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Curious "Farm" site in Ashburnham

Where the power lines cross Old County Rd:
A number of structures under the power lines:
I don't know what this is:

East of the power lines, there are some piles on the slope. Non descript:

And other curios:
This one reminded me of a "pylon" we saw years ago, that was said to be a support for a structure.
I could believe these rock piles are not ceremonial. But the nature of the place with its walls, supports, occasional low ground piles, etc, is curious. There were occasional rock piles off in the woods behind that seemed genuine, and other piles further up the power lines.


Tim MacSweeney said...

Photo six: resembles something you photo'd on Whittemore Hill - photo #4 here:

pwax said...

Posted (previously) by Alma LaFrance

I Will Come Back

By Pablo Neruda

Some Time,
man or woman,
afterwards, when I am not alive,
look here,
look for me here
between the stones and the ocean,
in the light storming in the foam.

Look here, look for me here,
for here is where I shall come,
saying nothing,
no voice, no mouth, pure,
here I shall be again the movement of the water,
of its wild heart,
here I shall be both lost and found—
here I shall be perhaps both stone and silence.

[Translation: Alastair Reid]