Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Rocky Narrows Reservation - Sherborn MA

I went for a long drive down to Sherborn and explored what was mostly a sandy white pine area. I did see a curious little earthwork in one place, and then saw a couple of rock piles out on the last knoll stretching into the wetland. Then I erased the pictures later because I forgot to take them off the camera. Too bad. Anyway there was one nice 15x8 foot pile on the top of the little knoll and a second pile, smaller beaten up by the passage of some logging machine. So just for the record:

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Anonymous said...

The Narrows is a very special place and must have been well known to native Americans the cliff and necking down of the river to about 30 ft across is quite impressive. The cliff area itself is home to a stand of Eastern Hemlock that may well have never been logged given the steep cliff. Off the beaten path near the south end of the cliff are some very interesting rock out crops that look like giant turtle heads one of which forms a wonderful rock lean-to. This rock is about 30 ft up a steep hill that falls to the shore of the river.