Friday, April 24, 2009

Site near Oley Hills in PA

Reader Michelle writes (please suggest answers to her question in the Comments):

I have attached few pictures of what we have found, Fred Werkheiser has been out to see and feels this is an important find, we are only a few miles from the Oley Hills site. Norman put us in contact with Fred..... thats in a nut shell....Anyway my question(s) if you are able to answer would be great or at least point us in a direction to research that would be good too.... Are there any sites or books that show examples of rock on rock layouts and what they represent.... ( other than the male and female which I keep finding)Are there any sites / books about effigies and what they might represent...How do you go about documenting an area... do you start from the center and work out or from one end of the property to the other end? seems that are site according to Fred consists of a cerimonial site and possible burial grounds... and he suggested we map the area... or do I start from one of the many stone walls that lead to this center point.
photo 091 center point

photo 095 this stack is at the entry point into ceremonial area

photo 127 this is a picture of a vein of quartz where the center had been removed, there is a stone seat here also and your feet fall below ground level like a chair.

photo 146 found this stone near a pile of stones in a circular formation.

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