Friday, May 13, 2011

Living with Boreal Forest Fires (and Bears and Thunderbirds)

(Thunderbird Fire - Painting by Mario Peters 2007.)
"Thunderbirds are born in nests located on islands or hill tops where geologic formations consisting of heaps of rounded stones occur. According to oral tradition, long ago there were no trees on the land, so thunderbirds constructed their nests of rocks. These features are locations of power and are treated respectfully. Young thunderbirds arise from these nests in the early summer. Among the stories told about thunderbirds are several in which humans marry thunderbirds (Appendix 5.1). Although potentially dangerous, thunderbirds are generally beneficial for their role in renewing forest growth and for protecting their human relatives from horned serpents who live underground (meshekenaybegook). Were it not for the lightning wielding thunderbirds, these serpents would surface and destroy the Anishinaabeg (Quote 5.4.1 d.)."
From:  Living with Boreal Forest Fires: Anishinaabe Perspectives on Disturbance and Collaborative Forestry Planning, Pikangikum First Nation, Northwestern Ontario. By ANDREW MARTIN MILLER

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