Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Marcahuasi Stone Forest

Lost Civilizations of the Andes by David Pratt (January 2010): "The Marcahuasi (or Markawasi) plateau, 4000 metres above sea level, is located in Peru’s Junin province, 80 km northeast of Lima. Hundreds of enormous rocks on the plateau take on an eerie resemblance to animals and human faces when viewed from certain angles and under certain lighting conditions.39 Men and women of various races and nationalities can be identified, along with a wide array of animals such as horses, camels, elephants, lions, frogs, seals, turtles, sphinxes, a hippopotamus, sea lions or seals, a crocodile, and lizards. Many believe that these forms are nothing but naturally eroded rocks, while others contend that humans had a hand in carving them. Though known to the local population, Marcahuasi achieved prominence after being discovered by Peruvian archaeologist Daniel Ruzo in 1952. He claimed that the ‘Masma culture’ had lived there some 10,000 years ago, before ‘Noah’s flood’!"


Part 2 of 2 http://davidpratt.info/andes2.htm

(Image above appears to be from: "Markawasi: Peru's Inexplicable Stone Forest" by Kathy Doore, and THE DVD - "The Mysterious Stone Monuments of Markawasi" produced by Bill Cote.

which I found advertised at: http://youtu.be/RdOydKcM7ms)
I originally came across it at:

And the "real story" from a totally reliable source called UFO TV, complete with Egyptians and Druids etc. can be found here: http://soundofnepal.com/videos/video/6xoGUg-nF6w/The-Mysterious-Stone-Monuments-of-Markawasi-Peru-Full-Length-Feature.html

And then there's this, near Robbinsville, NC: “This photo was taken at the first site we discovered. We are calling this the 'face' site, only because this sculpted stone resembles a face…”

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