Tuesday, May 17, 2011

More Bean Porridge Hill Rd

With reference to [here], the other side of the road presented like an old orchard with mounds all along the shoulder and the slope. Every one of the bumps you see in these pictures is a rock pile. I think they are old and nearly all re-absorbed into the landscape.I know these pictures are dull but I have to show them anyway. As usual, they are more real if you click on them to zoom in.Closer up:AndSome of these incorporate quartzHere was a short stretch of stone wall leading down towards the swamp:Here is another even shorter line of stones. Would that be considered a head at the near end?

Here is a nice rock in the midst of things:
Here is something interesting, a sort or multi-part channel between rock structures. There is a pile in the background. Close ups of the pile:View back:Some of the piles may be larger than they seem - a lot of hidden underground mass. No wisdom here. I take these to be old marker piles associated to the site across the road that had some of the same kind of "Wachusett" characteristics as at Muddy Pond.

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