Sunday, February 23, 2014

More pics from Codman Hill, Harvard

This is a site I have discussed before (scroll down)
 Went there with some friends around Christmas
A somewhat level hilltop with a broad view of the valley of Beaver Brook and Elizabeth Brook (this is the valley with the "Boxborough Esker", written about in Manitou).

Hard to escape a sense of geometry:
Note the quartz to upper right of the niche:

Here are three parallel structures: a gap pile, a sort of terrace, and another older terrace:
 The parallelism matches the topography. Closer up:
Note the piece of quartz at the far end of this one, one of my all-time favorite rock piles:
A more decrepit version of same (without quartz)
 One of the nicest and best preserved piles there
Here is something older, a crescent with quartz at the far end (a bit more" Wachusetts"'y):

Here is one I always think of as an effigy:
 Some final examples of smaller piles with quartz:

And in the gully east of the house, separate from the rest of the hill, one big mound:

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pwax said...

Look carefully at the slope behind the mound shown in the last picture. There is structure all the way up.