Thursday, February 13, 2014

Sudbury State Forest - catching a walk between the snowstorms

About two weeks ago, or two snowstorms ago, it was nice out on a Sunday and I went to "The Desert" in Marlborough/Framingham/Sudbury.
Although not so auspicious looking from the outside, this place is full of stuff. I thought I would cut as far south as I could but was pushed eastward by the wetland, leading to a brook crossing and slight climb, a descent, a push through some saplings, and arrival at a new cluster of rock piles (about where the right hand blue outline is on the map). Here are some pictures from the first site I crossed:

And here are some from the new site. Not much to see under the snow.
This next one is interesting, look at what is next to it.
This car battery might be an offering. We are out in the middle of the woods but 20 years ago the saplings would not have been there and there is a trail nearby. This is not so remote.
I think the rocks piles would have been just as invisible 20 years ago.

Here I get a bit of a a sense of piles in lines and evenly spaced:

I was happy to find a site. My success is easy to explain: these sites are all over the place in there.

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