Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Some suggestions I've gotten:
Millennium Twain: "Looks exactly like clay, with marks pressed in, for spirit paws, numbering, counting, calendar keeping, and perhaps totemic artistry ...Similar to the 1-inch diameter clay beads that were popular on necklaces amongst our California Central Coast 'Chumash' peoples. Plain, or with a series of 6 vertical double-stripes around the perimeter ...
Alyssa Alexandria RunswithWolves: As ornaments, I'd think they'd take more time to shape them. As marbles or game tokens; same thing. As prayer beads/tokens they'd FOR SURE take more time to shape them. I think as well as the OP that these are meant to track goods. 
Carol Ann Neeley Kilgore: I was thinking stone, but it makes sense that clay would have the impressions in them. You are right about them taking the time to make sure they were well done, but is there a chance that these might have been skill training for young people? The one on the left looks like a paw print and the other two look like wings...I've seen the round clay marbles in the Black Hills before, but not with impressions in them.

From: Celebrating the Ceremonial Stone Landscapes of Eastern North America

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