Thursday, March 15, 2018

(Arguably) At the top of Heath Hen Meadow Brook

Here is a spot on the topo map of Boxboro I am drawn to, because I am looking at maps trying to figure out how to get into this bit of woods at the top of Heath Hen Meadow Brook.
This is a rare occasion that I am able to see something from the satellite image. If I zoom in on the cross hair in the above, I see:
which really does look like a big rock pile. Now I am even more curious to get to this spot.


Menotomy Maps said...

An interesting point about Heath Hen.
On old maps they identify the area as "heathen".

Also, there was at least one native village near Robbins Street.

pwax said...

Well I went there this weekend in the snow. Saw very little. Could not find anything on the ground to match the satellite view. Boxboro never disappoints, but it came close.

Curtiss Hoffman said...

Looks to me like these were stones displaced when they built the dirt road - there are more of them to the SW on the other side of it.