Monday, March 19, 2018

More on Westford's Grassy Pond rock pile

Via Don McIver:


pwax said...

Makes me want to make fun of Westford - a town not too far from Concord, where we also have arrowheads. They are under a shadow.

pwax said...

I mean this: arrowheads around here are usually quite old. I only find ones from the "archaic" - more than 3K years old. Rock piles are, I believe, a recent phenomenon - last 500 years.

Drawing a connection between arrowheads in spot X and rock piles in spot Y, shows ignorance of time frames and of the duration of time when Indians lived here, as well as the sheer volume of arrowheads produced back then. Indians are not all the same today and a 2.5K year difference makes for even greater differences.