Friday, March 23, 2018

Model of the Inwood Hill caves (Bronx NY)

Where have all the New York City Cermonial Stone Landscape Features Gone??
Gone to WPA work crews - every one???
When will we ever learn...


Matthew Howes said...

The sad part is, that once the ancient features are gone, if they are not historically documented as was the case of the Bronx caves, even after a generation or so people become ignorant that there was ever anything there- I find that often times scant clues of what once was are left behind, but most people are unaware of such things and do not know how to interpret such things.

Curtiss Hoffman said...

Actually, the site is not in the Bronx but in the northernmost part of Manhattan. Surprising that it has survived as much as it has! I wonder about its proximity to Spuyten Duyvel Creek (spitting devil) -- many sites of this type were associated by the colonists with devil-worship. Another example somewhat upstream on the Hudson is Duyvels Danskammer, the devil's dance hall, which was the site of a Dutch desecration followed by a Native massacre in retaliation. But there are many more!