Thursday, March 22, 2018

Liberty Square - Boxboro

I explored back here when my kids played soccer on the playing fields. Went again, remembering I had not been as far north as possible. I expected to see wall bulges - carefully enclosed rock piles included in a stone wall - and thought here was a new one (below the word "LIBERTY"):

 (See the lighter rocks at the corner?)
A rather nice structure.
Nearby was a more legitimate mound, if badly obscured by debris:
This and a few of the other "usual suspects", convince me that wall bulges are not just for keeping fields tidy. 
wall bulges are a common feature in the woods behind Liberty Square and I recall another from the woods down one exit on Rt 2, at Newtown Rd. I have posted a few in this blog.

So then we go down the way bit (south) and can see another large mound across the valley:
We have been discussing this in comments (here), so let's have a look:

The first picture in this group shows some structure down in the water. It is quite composite and, seen from the last picture, another example of a wall bulge - telling us almost nothing. 
A bit further south, I was up against a road or driveway and some houses and rounded a ridge to get to where water began draining to the south. Noticed a small pit shelter dug into the sand:

Seen from above, looking past another small pit.
At the very highest point (of water flowing south, next to a road) there was a small site. Visible from that pit structure.

A bit of a small hollow in that one.
Then I was tiring, and tried to head out. There were odds and ends of pretty things throughout. Boxboro never disappoints:


Tim MacSweeney said...

I didn't realize this was that place. The photo of the boulder that could be said to resemble a musk turtle there is one of my favorittes of yours...

Tim MacSweeney said...

The Google Earth Street View option has imagery from Nov. 2012, lots of leaf-free images...

Tim MacSweeney said...

I was thinking the pile might have been a lot like this sort of "Serpent Head:"
The Law of Parsimony suggests the easy way to dump stones is to throw them down instead of "go up around the corner and make an increasingly taller mound of stones."