Friday, February 27, 2009

A revisit to a NY site

by theseventhgeneration
I went back out to this site yesterday to see the sunset. Last year, my suspicion was that the sun would set over that cairn on the spring equinox. I was wrong and, based on what I saw on March 21, 2008, I suspected March 1st as the date. Here's how it looked yesterday:
Not bad?
But I'm posting additional photos of this site because I found something new. Here's that cairn with the "pointer stone":
And this is what I found, in the cairn, behind that large stone that is leaning upright against the cairn (if you click on the photo above, you can see it, but here's a close up):
That wood definitely does not serve any "fence rail" purpose. So, why is it there?
And another cairn also had a small piece of wood in it.
Although the wood lacks the "fence rail" look, it is above something like a hole, or niche, in the cairn:
Both pieces of wood are on the north side of the cairns.
Here is a look at both cairns together, the one with the very small piece of wood in the far background and the large stone leaning against the cairn (the wood behind the leaning stone) is in the foreground:


pwax said...

What is the significance of March 1?

pwax said...

You are reminding me I should look into the cracks between the rocks of stacked piles. Seems there are interesting things to be seen.

theseventhgeneration said...

I don't know, but the thought came to me based on observation and a post at NEARA under photos/Massachusetts/Standing Stones & Manitou Stones/Marshfield Standing Stone at Sunset (March 1 alignment not judged to be significant). A link to the photo is here. One thing I've thought about is a connection to collecting sap for maple syrup or sugar. There are several immense dead maple trees around this site, one of which lost a large limb which almost took out the standing stone.