Saturday, February 14, 2009

Roadside Attraction in Hopkinton

I thought I saw rock piles in the median as I drove north on Rt 495 just south of the Mass. Pike exits.If you know someone who drives along there and doesn't mind risking life and limb, ask them if they can confirm there are rock piles visible. I don't get down that way too often.


Chris Pittman said...

I drove by this spot on Sunday in the rain and saw stone walls in the median but no piles. I think what might have looked like piles could be the truncated ends of walls that ran perpendicular to the way the highway runs now. Driving by at high speed, it is certainly possible that there are piles there that I missed but I didn't see any.

pwax said...

I have now (winter 2010) seen piles on both sides of the highway as well as in the median along this stretch of 495.