Thursday, November 23, 2006

Rockville Farm (Threatened Site) - Part Two

by JimP
(see Part One below)
Having been very familiar with the features on this farmsite for quite awhile, I was curious about what I could find in more remote areas. A newly-cut survey line through thick mountain laurel gave me that opportunity. Because of their previous inaccessibility, these two piles haven't been seen in at least several decades:I also came across a pile built with a niche next to a large boulder -- there are other examples of these in other parts of the conservation land.Back at the farmsite I decided to explore a nearby open meadow. This area had several worn boulders -- including this bowl depression with white exposed at the bottom. It was full of rain water and fallen leaves which I cleaned out:Another view:Right near this bowl depression was this pyramid-shaped stone:

And finally, the following is a photo of the strangest find of the day. On a small, low boulder right next to the old foundation of the farmhouse was this collection of black-eyed peas:This site is not owned by the state, and it is not owned by any conservation organization -- unlike land nearby. Development continues to encroach (a house was built recently adjacent to this site) and judging by the recent surveying activities, this site will be gone very soon.

To see even more photos of this site, [Click Here] to visit Larry Harrop's comprehensive 6-page gallery.

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Larry said...

I found a similar pyramid shaped stone a mile or 2 south of the farm.
There are a lot of old trails in the area waiting to be explored. there's a lot more waiting to be found here.

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