Tuesday, January 20, 2015

East of the Stop River

I was exploring here in Walpole in a conservation land:
and came upon something:
After the rock pile in the foreground, there was a boulder connected to a rock pile, connected to another boulder.
About twenty yards down slope was another smaller mound. 
From below:
Below these, a slope of mostly buried small piles:

Then the wetland. Walked around in there to see a variety of smaller piles. Over a bit further west was a slight rise with a stone wall. Behind that, the Stop River. Look towards the river, just beyond the stone wall:
The path inland would come directly here from the river.
There were other odds and ends:

Now I should mention this is just across the river from Noon Hill which I reported recently. I would say the first large pile I found here was consistent with the piles I found high on Noon Hill. 
Note the number of confluences in the map above. Wouldn't it be interesting to get to those islands?

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