Saturday, January 24, 2015

South of Hog Hill - West Boylston

I want to say "just another rock pile site". Walking here, next to Rt 190, I managed to spot rock piles in the snow, and they are pretty but not very informative. In this place, separate rock pile clusters occur associated to short stretches of stone wall. Located near the corners of the triangular blue outline shown above, .
I would not have seen the first cluster of piles except I was poking around having a closer look at this short stretch of stone wall, from below:
 and from above:

At a different spot (isolated, not in the blue triangle), what looked like a small fire place against a boulder:
Also a random observation, four or more rocks in a line - too many to be random:

At the top of the triangle, some slightly larger piles are up in the woods at the edge of the open field.
 Some faintly rectangular:
 View towards the field:
Not only were some piles here faintly rectangular, some of them also had a faint hollow in the middle.
Perhaps a bit of vertical siding.

 And also, nearby, another short stretch of wall:

Further downhill, another site (at the right hand corner of the triangle on the map):

Hidden in the bushes and hidden in the snow.

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Tim MacSweeney said...

Short stretch of stone wall ending in a large boulder? Sounds a little Ophiomorphic to me...