Monday, January 12, 2015

Field trip in Holliston with Matt H and Curt H.

Matt Howe showed me and Curt Hoffman some nice rock piles on private property in Holliston.
We saw a small group of piles, possibly a grid, near a wet place, and then walked behind houses and through swamps and saw site after site. 
Here was a smeared, slightly rectangular mound:
Another view:
Looking at some outliers to this mound:
 In detail:
We continued on and saw isolated rock piles and small clusters, everywhere we went.
 I like old ones like the above and here are some familiar sights: a gap
a ring:
 Thanks to Matt for a nice walk.

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Matthew Howes said...

It was a pleasure to meet you again, Peter. Thanks for making the trip down. According to the official notes, Curt told me that we looked at a total of 12 sites that day (I think we saw/recorded 3 after you left.)
Thank you both for making it.