Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Hikers, Birders and Geocachers

      Sure, I’ll admit it – I Google image search for photos of stone walls and stone piles, sometimes adding quotes around the words and maybe an often used phrase, trying to tickle the search engine so that I don’t get results that send me back to my own photos or Rock Pile posts.
       Sometimes I get some great results from posts by Hikers, Birders and Geocachers. They are happy accidents but still sometimes some really great images.
        For example, just yesterday, I used the quoted phrase “stone wall along trail” and some variations on that, that somehow got me to the Canfield-Meadow Woods Nature Preserve, “a 300-acre area of ridges, valleys, wetlands, and stonewalls with marked trails in Deep River and Essex CT,” according to a post at http://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC17FYE_canfield-traverse-part-1-fractured-erratic.
     Sometimes you get a good trail map, and like that Fort Devens Stonewall map, sometimes with big dotted lines mean there are Stone Walls marked on that trail map – maybe. I looked here:
    And then here: http://binged.it/1DsUSa9

    And said, “Well, well – this might have some promise,” and then clicked on the next highlighted link, only to find what looks like some stone pile desecration:
      A Birder took this one, writing (and repeating the Stone Wall Myth of New England and Beyond): “Another park that I visited for the first time was the 300 acre Canfield Meadow Woods Nature Preserve in Essex and Deep River…There are several old stone walls still intact throughout the preserve. They are the remnants of farms from 100 years ago…”
    This “taking apart of a stone pile” – or plucking stones out of a “stone wall” - that may be of Indigenous Origin to build one of these balancing stone creations is a lot like knocking over headstones in a modern cemetery. It's hardly as extreme as this below, but still not very different:

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