Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Indian Trails (and rows of stones)

    I may have mentioned that I've observed that some possible Indian trails, including those that have become modern roads, are bordered on both sides with "stone walls,"allowing a more frequent controlled burn inside those rows of stones than the land around them.  
    "The Old Connecticut Path was the Native American trail that led westward from the area of Massachusetts Bay to the Connecticut River Valley, the very first of the North American trails that led west from the settlements close to the Atlantic seacoast, towards the interior." - Wikipedia entry
    "Charles Chism described the route of the Old Connecticut Path across the family homestead on Axe Factory Road in Westford, CT. His description, recorded by Harral Ayres in his book The Great Trail of New England, notes that there was a strip of land across the farm that had never been plowed. This was the place where the Path crossed the Chism farm. A remnant of the Path fitting Charles Chism's description may be found today on Pine Hill. The video brings you on a short walk within a stone wall lined corridor along the edge of Pine Hill just west of the Chism homestead..."
      And I came across a video that shows both sides of a remnat segment of the Path are bordered in rows of stones:

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