Monday, January 05, 2015

Other People's Pictures

Barrett Mt. (NH)  - June 29, 2008
     “A ring of rocks near a stone wall...”
Crotched Mt. (NH) - “Heading down we ran into the glacial erratics along the trail.  There are about four or so of these precariously perched rocks in one form or another:”
This image below I included because of the rhomboidal shape and placement of some of these large cobbles or small boulders was captioned:
“Which is longer: the Great Wall of China or all the stone walls in New England combined?”
Found at: Newburyport's Artichoke River Trail (MA):
        And from a different post about South Street Woodlots Trail, West Newbury, something similar to a recent photo of Peter's, showing some large pointed (triangular?) standing stones at the end of a row of stones:

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pwax said...

I hope that in 15 years people who write blog posts about their walks will mention seeing rock piles.