Friday, May 29, 2015

A walk in Hollis NH

(North of Farley Rd).

And this looks like something:
The only mound, east of Farley Rd on S. Merrimanc behind a house:
I know...pretty indecipherable.


Anonymous said...

I am very happy I came across this blog. I had no knowledge of stone mounds until I looked it up on Google thos evening upon seeing a vast amount of mound like structures in a small portion of woods near my house here in Kentucky. I am very keen on Native American history and artifacts, as I am Native American (albeit don't know much of my history thanks to assimilation) but lately my spirit has been guiding me in understanding my heritage. I was led to these mounds which I'm sure most people assume are from the colonial period, but i felt a deep resonance in what I was seeing more than I've ever felt before when just looking at what seems to be random stones. There is a vvery large stone wall erected and almost adjacent to that, a square shaped stone structure..almost the entire floor of most the woods is covered in stone that almost looks like cobblestone..not just happenstance..there are a few small earthen mounds that stood out to me compared to the rest of the woodsy surroundings (I also noted the stark contrast in different herbage growing specifically there)..also near these earthen mounds was another rather large slightly elevated flat pile of stones of all sizes...tiny pebbles and large slabs of limestone..also found a tiny stone mound postioned strategically between 2 trees..on several of the mounds I did feel in my spirit that they are burial grounds..I know the American government Has no desire to honor or admit to any of these places as that only further gives credence to the treatment of the Natives, I however desire deeply to know and understand more..I have so much more I can say about what I have found..I don't know if there is anyone I can converse with about this name is email is:

Tommy Hudson said...

The Farley road pic looks like "nested" stones to me. I have often wondered about this kind of configuration. It's obviously intentional to me, but is it just random placement of the stones? Norman might be interested in this.

pwax said...

Do you mean the first pic? Like the 2nd it shows four rocks in a tight row. A bit effigy-like.

Tommy Hudson said...

It would be the 5th pic from the top. They look intentionally nested. Three of the rocks are stood up on edge.