Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Black Draw

About 50 miles east of Douglas AZ, north of the San Bernadino Wildlife Refuge, the largest water course is called Black Draw. So I am looking along it for "signs of life", switching between a Topo map view and a Satellite view:
The little hill you see at the lower right of the topo map draws my attention. Obviously it would stand out against the gradual slope down to the river from each side. This is a natural place to look for archeology.
Look at the bend in the river and look at the location of the cursor. On the Topo view it is an un-differentiated part of the gradual slope. But on the Satellite view there is a little dot just above the cursor. 
Please go look at a Satellite view of this bend and find that dot in your view. Then zoom in. Here is what I see:
Pretty sure that's a building (it is about 40 meters across):
Pretty sure parts of it are lined up with the hill:
Yup the main line of the "building" points at the middle of the hill. A solstice direction? It is like New England archeoastronomy played out on a different scale. The "dot" is a bigger rock pile. The Black Draw Pueblo.
Let's look around some more...about a kilometer northeast (darn Google forcing me into metric!) just above the cursor in this picture is another anomaly:
Stone walls starting at the lower left corner of the picture, and a water retention system.

Update: The outline reminds me of the Newark Earthworks. It is no wonder one thinks of the astronomical, seeing this shape.

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