Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A few other sights on the way to the Hill of 500 Cairns

 By the time we get to this one, we are on the hill itself.
It still surprises me that this hill that was partially removed when they built Rt 495, was considered so special at the time. I look at a map of the valley of Beaver Brook and Elizabeth Brook - where the Nashua and Assabet Rivers almost meet (just to the north of here), and every single hill has rock piles on it. Some, like Codman Hill, are quite spectacular. This hill (and here) west of Cisco was written about by Mavor and Dix. Then there is that lovely little hill near the Boxborough cross roads, un-named and un-blogged [well not entirely]. Marble Hill in Stow also.

The western slope of this hill "of 500 cairns" is where the action is. Today one sees a typical marker pile site.
For my money, Spindle Hill  a couple hills over in Stow, at the end of Gates Ln, is more interesting.

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