Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Another day another rock pile site

I am weary of reporting sites. Comments are so rare it is not clear that anyone even reads the reports and there is no indication that the particulars of a place are of interest to readers. So I am going to report highlights and pass along the best photos I can. As much as anything, I guess this is for me to come back later and remember. I hope to spend my final years revisiting these places in my mind and remembering the smell of the hay scented ferns. So here is another. 
I have been to Wolf Swamp in Boxborough and the hill south of Holiday Inn many times. I thought of a new angle I could take and set out. Beyond where Konstantin Bykhovsky died and on to the southern entrance. Going in from there I angled as far left (west) as I could, staying behind the houses. I tried to follow the water's edge and on the way back I tracked a bit further up hill. Finally amidst the endless, featureless, expanse of saplings, I found a few old piles - barely worth mentioning. I actually found two clusters of rock piles. When I got home to put dots on my Hudson Quadrangle map, it was gratifying to see one of the dots was already there. So I added a new one.
In that valley between the two dots was some interesting stone wall features. Almost impossible to photo in the dappled light:
It is a rectangular extra, next to the wall as it comes up to a boulder and takes a break.
Rocks, visible above ground, led off in an alignment from this place.
Then, this sort of low pile (I think this is a marker pile site):
A number of piles like this, suggesting something sort of circular with one larger rock:
Here is another:
And another:
One more:


Anonymous said...

I read the blog everyday

Reader Russ

Anonymous said...

I check in most days. Enjoy your arrowhead finds, would be interested in any RI sights you may have looked at or are planning to explore.

Tim MacSweeney said...

People may rarely comment, but I see your nomenclature (and your photos) all over the the "interweb." You'd be surprised to see how far your influence and observations reach. I often post links to your blog to a facebook group about ceremonial stone landscapes. A cousin of the late Farley Mowat works with the Dene-Za peoples in Northern British Columbia and relates to me that "the Dene elders get very excited seeing your reports."

Terry J. Deveau said...

Peter, thanks so much for all the great work you do. Yes, it is true that I don't visit or comment very often, but it is due to spreading my time so thinly over so many area of interest, not from lack of interest or lack of appreciation.

Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

I don't check in every day, but you are on my list of places to stop by every few weeks. Do not doubt that you are performing a service to the world by your work. Thank you!

Norman said...

I check your blog just about daily, but then I'm a rock pile junkie. I can't get enough of this stuff.