Monday, May 11, 2015

Interesting stone pile in Pachaug (not the hoax site)

From reader Steven C.

I "accidentally" found a stone pile in Pachaug State Forest a number of years back. I finally found it again today after years of looking for it, this time I was able to get some GPS coords. This is in the Voluntown, CT area.

I hadn't seen it listed on your blog, so I'm passing it on in case you're interested. I do not believe this to be the "Pachaug Hoax" site.

 Location: N 41.617426, E -71.857484
Easiest to get here by entering Gardner road from Rt 49.

What I found very interesting when looking at it from Google Maps, is that it appears to be dead-center between a brook and a stream that join just south of it, and it's exactly at the southern tip of an evergreen tree stand that starts as a point in this location, and broadens as it goes north.

I'm also including a few other photos from a different location in the park. I can't tell if this is man made, a natural formation, or some accidental happenstance that occurred while perhaps blasting the road through the area.

Location: N 41.594012, E -71.898799
Easiest to get to this location from "Trail 2" off of Rt 201 in Griswold.

This is one very large stone that's been split, with another large but narrow stone cradled in the split, and another large and narrow stone sitting on top of that one. The two narrow stones are pointing the same direction. Looking at it in a certain way, I believe it could appear to look like a turtle (carrying something on its shell.) This could be a bit of a stretch I suppose, but I've seen others mention the "turtle" representations, and I know from my tribal history that we believed we lived on the back of the "Grandfather Turtle". I just can't for the life of me figure out how they could have lifted these all together.

I believe all three stones are of a different type of material, although the top and bottom might be the same. Looking back at the pics I took, the top one looks like it's a composite with rose quartz in it.

I wish I could have stayed around to do a more thorough investigation of both areas, but I had my dog with me and he was overheating bit and I also didn't want to bring attention to these areas- you never know who's going to vandalize something "interesting".


pwax said...

Looks like the "hand of man" had something to do with the split boulder and inserted piece. I do not see a reason for calling a "turtle".

Larry Harrop said...

This is a nice cairn and is the opening slides of a slide show I did a while back.
The coordinates should be N 41.594012 W 71.898799 . I didn't see the split wedged boulder the last time I was in that area. It’s pretty impressive and definitely man made. I can see the resemblance to a turtle but who knows if this was the builder’s intent.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this info. I hope to visit the site this summer !