Monday, May 11, 2015

Walkup and Robinson Memorial - Sudbury Valley Trustees

I want to blog an extremely minor find on a hill in a conservation land whose signage indicated it was the Sudbury Valley Trustees Land. But I got turned around and I cannot figure where the heck was this conservation land. Nothing matches the map. I followed Flanders Rd. Saw Gillmore Rd to the side, went under the Mass Pike and didn't see another familiar feature. That was it. So I can only say this was about 1/2 mile from the 495 Mass Pike crossing - I cannot tell in what direction from there.

To cut to the chase, there was a noticeable structure on top of the hill:
 Note the outlier in the foreground:
But what caught my eye later was a possible 2nd one. It was even harder to see than this first one so I skipped it, until an adjacent feature caught my eye. Probably the smallest split-wedged rock I have seen:
The other things are too hard to see to be worth passing along. Mention in passing that this little "wedge" is white feldspar. It is indeed rare for the wedge to be white and, at the risk of projecting, I am going to say I think this rock had a friendly little spirit in it.

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