Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bulldozing Rock Piles in St George ME

to whom it mayconcern, my name is Craig Scaccia I reside at 74 Snows point road in, St. George,ME. I've lived here for numerous years. as a kid walking the woods around my lot, I came upon several. what I was told, Indian burial mounds. at this time,a logging company has come in to do what they do. and are driving over and tearing up the mounts as I write this email. I've called the town and had an official come out to talk to the supervisor. who stated that he would be as careful as possible but as dawn broke this AM they began cutting around the mounts hauling off the timber with the skidders. I spoke with the foreman this morning as they were driving over these mounts, and landing trees on them. I feel that these sites need to be preserved ASAP. please help before they are all damaged. my phone number is [CONTACT THIS BLOG FOR THE PHONE # if you can help]


JimP said...

These people are likely in violation of federal and state law. Immediately contact:

1. Houlton Band of Maliseet, a federally-recognized tribe.

2. Maine Indian Tribal State Commission.

3. The Maine Historic Preservation Commission.

roslyn strong said...

I left a phone message for Craig. I am Maine NEARA coordinator and live in Edgecomb, about 45 minutes from St. George. We may be able to get up there. I'm afraid the state moves very slowly even if they might be interested.
Roslyn Strong