Sunday, March 25, 2012

Outlines with Quartz above Overlook Reservoir - Fitchhburg, MA

About in the position of the second "e" is in the word "Reservoir", I saw on obviously non-random cluster of rocks poking up on the surface:
Seeing another such cluster convinced me further that I was looking at deliberate rock piles. In this case, very badly smeared out.As I looked at this collection of rocks I noticed that the center rock was a white feldspar. From the point of view of it being the "center", it is surrounded by an outline of other rocks. Here is another view.The idea that this was a form of "rock pile with a hollow" was re-enforced by another not-so-good example.And then another very good one:I see the strong similarity in the underlying designs. Do you? Here is another not so good example, note the position of the white rock:And one last one, so faint we only see it because it is highlighted by it's companions.By now, you can guess what I think about these.

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