Saturday, March 10, 2012

Peter's Hill - Sherbourn MA

You'd think I would have already explored a hill sharing my name. This is in a part of Sherbourn with a lot of conservation land including such places as Paul Hill and Brush Hill (discussed previously). Anyway, I went to check out the Broadmoor Audubon Land and gave up when I saw it was mostly sandy ridges, and drove back to Peter's Hill, which always looked good in passing. Went in at the north end of the hill, headed as northerly as possible. Then, finding my way blocked by houses, circled back up to the summit, across, and down the street side to the south. There were lots more houses than I realized and it is not a big conservation land. I spotted some little stone outlines at a spring near the beginning of the hike; a lone rock pile near the top of a rather flat summit; a small circle connected to a wall. A bit disappointing.

Is this ceremonial? I am not sure this is a familiar structure - which makes me suspicious.Note the spring beginning just below it.Here we are on top of Peter's Hill. One pile.This was interesting. You see a stone wall and a little diagonal spur coming towards towards you:At the center of the bottom of this picture there is a little ring of stone, about 10 inches across. Here it is after taking out some snow:

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